Friday, April 14, 2006

XBMC Fox has been released

XBMC Fox beta1
by LiquidIce

This adds a new option to the right click menu in Firefox which will send URLS to XBMC (Xbox Media Center) for onscreen playback.

It also allows you to paste the URL of any video or audio file on the web into a textfield and have it play on your TV.

Install this extension like you would any other. usually just dragging the XPI file into the browser works well.

Once installed, restart Firefox, then goto Tools -> Extensions and select XBMC Fox

Press the Options Button at the bottom of the window

In the options box type in the ip address of your xbox.

Make sure that the webserver is enabled on your XBMC by going to:
Settings --> Network -> Servers -> Web Server

Go to a website that links directly to media files. Such as this one:

Right click on a link and goto 'Play in XBMC'.

You can also go to Tools - Paste URL to XBMC and paste in the URL to any audio/video file.


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